Peggy Sue Wood

~ Current (2024) ~

2024 has been an adventurous year thus far. Why not check out some of what I've done?

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Professional Work

I work in education and publishing; you can learn more about it here.

Irvine Valley College

Role: Writing Instructor in the Department of English at Irvine Valley College.

From December of 2021 to present day, I have been working at Irvine Valley College. First in a supplemental instructional role as an "Embedded Tutor," also called a Teaching Assistant/TA or an Instructional Aid/IA. In that role, I provided administrative work (setting up, managing Canvas systems, etc.); editorial and qualitative feedback on student work; assist professors with tech support and information gathering for classes; and teach/assist in portions of the WR1, WR2, and WR2H courses on rhetorical analysis, academic writing, researching, and more. As of January 2024, I started a new role at IVC, that role being a Writing Instructor in the Department of Engligh. 


Freelance Work

Role: Freelancer: Writer, Editor, and Tutor

Since 2018 I have been a freelancer, mostly in the field of publishing but also in education as a freelance tutor.

Writer: I provide ghostwriting services, copywriting, and, occasionally, write articles.  

Editor: I provide line editing, copyediting, and proofreading services to writers. I also provide services in marketing research and comprehensive social media planning. 

Tutor: I provide tutoring services to high school students (9th - 12th grade) and early college students. I specialize in elevating student writing to collegiate standards.

Essay Coaching: Working with The College Blueprint, LLC as an essay coach. Helping students prepare their Common App essays and PIQ replies for college applications.


As of 2022, I rarely work in freelance editing or writing because of my busy schedule. I do, however, continue to take on tutoring clients because of the higher flexibility in hours. I hope to return to publishing sometime soon.

Creative / Academic Work

Though my professional focus is on supporting others’ creative and academic projects, you can learn more about my work here.

University Of Oregon

MA Candidate – Asian Studies, East Asian Literature and Languages

Beginning Fall 2024

@TAVmedia on Twitter

Editor of The Anime View at

Founded by me, Peggy Sue Wood, in 2013, The Anime View started as an outlet for my obsession with the anime and manga I was viewing at the time. It has since developed from a solo blog to a blogging team, wherein we aim to create content that provides our audience of anime and manga fans with a mix of content that engages the mind to look critically at the media we love and consume.

@litgradlife on Twitter

Content Creator of LitGradLife at

In 2022, I felt totally lost in my personal life. I wanted to write but hadn't been able to do so consistently for a few years outside of my anime blog or work. I decide to restart my personal blog, this time under a pen name to give me a bit of mental separation. 

I chose a new name to give me a chance to release my work without the same bias or predispositions I have been holding towards myself and my work for the last few years. I chose a name that was still mine, in a sense, but also not mine... and it worked! I've been kicking out content there weekly (sometimes multiple times a week) under the name "Margret Wood" and will probably continue to use this pen name/persona for the rest of my writing career!

Recent Panels & Presentation

Sometimes I speak about my work and topics I’m interested in at conventions... you can learn about it here.

Alumni Professional Development.ppt
Please note: This presentation is smilar to my presentation on Anime Blogging. This project is a revised iteration of my other presentation, intended to be more generalized and longer in length.

Blogging Basics For English Majors

Panel Description: This panel on starting and managing a blog is an informative and practical session that equips aspiring bloggers with essential knowledge and tools to begin their blogging journey! Join as the presenter explores areas such as niche selection, content creation, audience building, communication strategies, and a few monetization techniques to those starting out. The objective is for those attending to gain valuable insights through some general information and personal anecdotes on the best practices to effectively engage with their community, develop their unique voices, maintain consistency, and navigate potential challenges. By the end of the session, participants should be well equipped with the necessary skills and inspiration to launch or relaunch (and, hopefully, sustain) a successful blog!

60 min. Presentation


[30 min.] Fan Content Creates New Fans & Other Important Info - PW.pptx

How Fan Content Creates New Fans & Other Important Information!

Panel Description: In this panel, audience members are introduced to how fan-created content applies to the industry life cycle, causing an influx of new fans and sometimes new source materials, as well as the rules of copyright use and why fan content, like those found in artist alley, tends to get by without too much legal obstruction.  

30 min. Presentation


[30 min.] Cultural Differences_ Japan’s Manga & America’s Comics.pptx

Manga & Comics: A Different Cultural Base

Panel Description: A brief introduction to the basic differences between manga and comics from a cultural standpoint and how this difference in treatment may be leading to the industry boom we see today. (A shorter, 30 min. version of this panel labeled "Cultural Differences: Japanese Manga & American Comics" was presented at Kumoricon in 2022 on Saturday, November 12, 2022.)

60 min. Presentation


Copy of [30 min.] Virtual Tourism With Anime - PW.pptx

Virtual Tourism With Anime

Panel Description: Due to the pandemic, many tourists faced travel restrictions and were unable to visit their desired destinations around the world. Japan was among the countries with strictest measures. Though Japan’s tourism restrictions were lifted in October 2022, some individuals may still be wary of traveling abroad. In this panel, the audience will explore how to embark on a virtual pilgrimage to some of your favorite places in Japan by using anime as the inspiration and Google Maps for visual aids. The host will teach you how to enhance your virtual journey with research techniques to add to your cultural knowledge, using "Detective Conan,” also called "Case Closed," to demonstrate how to create a virtual pilgrimage and provide a few case studies for reference.

30 min. Presentation


[30 min.] Entering Anime & Manga Studies.pptx

Entering Anime & Manga Studies

Panel Description: Are you interested in getting into anime and manga studies? This informative session explores the multidisciplinary field of anime and manga studies. Led by one academic enthusiast, we delve into the various avenues for consideration of those interested in the study of this vibrant medium! Including academic programs, research opportunities, online resources, and community initiatives. Let's help this rapidly growing field by further igniting a passion for scholarly exploration and appreciation of these captivating forms of storytelling!

30 min. Presentation


Anime Blogging Basics Bootcamp.pptx

Anime Blogging Basics: A Bootcamp

Panel Description: This panel on starting and running an anime blog is an insightful and practical session that provides aspiring bloggers with the essential knowledge and tools to embark on their anime blogging journey! We cover topics such as niche selection, content creation, building a reader base, SEO strategies, social media promotion, and monetization techniques. Attendees receive valuable tips, personal anecdotes, and best practices to effectively engage with the anime community, cultivate their unique voices, maintain consistency, and navigate potential challenges. By the end of the session, participants are equipped with the necessary skills and inspiration to launch (and, hopefully, sustain) a successful anime blog!

30 min. Presentation


[30 min.] Making a Place for Yokai in the Modern World.pptx

Making A Place For Yokai In The Modern World

Panel Description: A panel examining Japan's rich spiritual heritage, including Shintoism, yokai mythology, and the impact of these beliefs and myths on Japanese animation and manga. Using the series "Natsume Yuujinchou" as the frame for this discussion, this panel demonstrates how the yokai mythos continues to find a place in modern society.

30 min. Presentation