Research Project

Culture Differences Between Manga and Comics

This project explores the differences between manga and comics from a cultural standpoint. I chose this project because, as a Western fan, I found it interesting that Western fans tend to mark comics and manga as different (as well as mark anime and animation as different). While researching, I developed a theory that part of this distinction is not just cultural differences in the fans or on a societal level, but potentially tied to publishing and distribution differences. 

This project began under the guidance of Professor Fumiko Ishii at Irvine Valley College for the JA21 Japanese Culture class. It has since developed into a larger, personal project that I hope to continue pursuing and complete, potentially through a graduate program. 


Better identify how publishing trends both reflect the culture and shape it–in the country of origin but also abroad.


This project is not yet complete but the foundation of the work has been recognized and presented at several conventions. In 2023, it has been accepted for presentation at: 

Please see the below for more details

Manga & Comics: A Different Cultural Base

Panel Description: A brief introduction to the basic differences between manga and comics from a cultural standpoint and how this difference in treatment may be leading to the industry boom we see today.  (A shorter, 30 min. version of this panel labeled "Cultural Differences: Japanese Manga & American Comics" was presented at Kumoricon in 2022 on Saturday, November 12, 2022.)

60 min. Presentation

[30 min.] Cultural Differences_ Japan’s Manga & America’s Comics.pptx